Japanese Maples

  • Hundreds in stock all year round
  • Weeping or upright varieties
  • Many varieties including old favourites and newly released ones
  • Maples are gorgeous small trees with amazing Autumn Colour making them a stand out feature in your garden
  • Suitable for pots, part shade or morning sun positions
  • Small to advanced sizes available
  • Other types of maples also available including Canadian and Norwegian.


  • Hundreds in stock all year round
  • Lots of varieties of deciduous magnolias (including tulip, lily and star shaped flowers)
  • Evergreen varieties also
  • Flowers can be white, shades of pink, red, burgundy, cream, yellow and mixtures depending on variety
  • Small to medium tree (can vary from approx. 3m to 10m depending on variety)
  • Small to advanced sizes available

Weeping & Standard Cherries

  • Hundreds in stock all year round
  • All of the varieties in Tall (1.8m) or Short (1.2m) grafted heights
  • Flowers can be white or pink, single or double giving a beautiful feature during Spring
  • Deciduous specimen tree suitable for a sunny Position


  • Hundreds in stock all year round
  • Conifers come in tall, medium, small, groundcover and grafted varieties.
  • We stock many types including pines, junipers, cypress, spruce, firs, gingko, sequoia, picea, thuja, larix, taxodium plus more.
  • Conifers are mostly evergreen and add different structural, textural and colour variations to a garden.
  • Compact and grafted varieties are suitable for pots.
  • Most conifers prefer full sun.
  • Small to advanced sizes and Standards available.

Other Feature Plants

New things are arriving all the time but can include:

  • Topiary (Balls, Cones, Spirals)
  • Weeping trees including birch, elm, beech, sophora, katsura, peach, apricot, mulberry.
  • Standards including Azaleas, Roses, Daphne, Bay Tree
  • Espaliered Trees such as citrus, camellia, fruit trees.
  • Hundreds of specimen Trees
  • Water Plants